Wine Finder is a wayfinding app for novice wine drinkers to find the right wine to purchase.


7 weeks


UX/UI Design


Client Work

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The client

Constellation Brands is a fortune 500 total beverage company.

The digital innovation team wants to provide greater value to customers through the use of technology. Since the project was broad, I conducted user interviews and reached out to experts in the wine industry to design an impactful solution that benefits constellation brands and consumers. Overall, I found an opportunity to help novice wine drinkers find the right wine.

The problem

There are too many wine options with little guidance at stores. 

After interviewing 14 potential users, I discovered that many were unsure of which wine(s) to buy at stores. Most of their decision relied on the price and appearance of the wine. However, they wanted to know which wines suit their tastes and needs.



95% purchase wine at stores compared to online.

I conducted an online survey with 22 adults.

"When I go to the stores, I'm overwhelmed by all options. I like trying new wine that has a similar taste to what I usually get.”

Karen F.

“I want to do something special for my girlfriend, but have no clue what kind of wine she will like.”

John K.

“If I'm going to spend $30+ on wine, I want to make sure the purchase is worth it.”

Mike S.

competitive analysis

What current solutions exist in-store?

Wine Tastings
Some stores offer samples of wine with bread and cheese. By trying a new wine, customers are exposed to new tastes and develop a more comprehensive palate. However, the selection of wine is not curated to the customers' tastes.

Scan wine to learn more app
Even though it is an easy and fast solution, it would be tedious in a store setting. Users would have to go through and decide which ones to scan. The decision would be based on price and appearance, which is a fundamental challenge.

Wine Delivery
A convenient and easy solution. However, most of the survey participants said that they buy wine while they are shopping at a grocery store to get other items. So, wine delivery is not relevant to most of the participants. 

goals of stakeholders

How can the wine purchasing experience improve in-store?

As a consumer,
I want to find a wine that matches my taste preferences efficiently so that I can enjoy it and not be overwhelmed by all the options.

As Constellation Brands,
I want to provide customers with a personalized experience so that they feel a greater connection to our brand and purchase more wine.

As a liquor shop owner,
I want to enhance the shopping experience so that customers are satisfied and revisit.

user flow

Mapping out a better experience

I reflected on my experiences as a former Apple Product Specialist to deliver a personalized experience. Specifically, I referenced the Apple steps of service.



Filter Reduction

I researched and listed all the possible filters related to wine selection. The below filters were all eliminated in the final design after careful consideration. Since it is an in-store experience, efficiency is vital, or people will not use the product.


The Apple app store has an age restriction setting on apps, so it would be an unnecessary filter.


Even though it could help determine the price and style of wine, it appears irrelevant to users.

# of drinkers

Even though it could determine size and quantity of purchase, it does not influence the taste.

Who's drinking

It could help with the buying decision but easier to just ask peers.


One user expressed they are allergic to certain wines, but not a problem for majority of users.


Considering each detail

For the first iteration, I decided to focus on the single most pressing problem first and address other pain points in future iterations. Specifically, I focused on filtering the number of wine options in stores.

visual style

A sophisticated and classy style

Constellation Brands wanted a distinctive look for their newly designed experience. Since the app focuses on wine, I compiled imagery that has a sophisticated, classical, and wine-like appearance.



First Iteration

When a user walks through the wine aisle at a store, they will receive a helpful and personalized notification using NFC. If a user is new to the app, they will receive a friendly introduction of the features and process of the app. For returning users, they can find wine or reference their history.

user feedback

“I don’t really like fiddling with my phone in the middle of the aisle when I’m shopping, and in some situations it might be more convenient to undergo this whole process
ahead of time.” 


Rethinking experience and layout


See wine information at a glace.

The greatest factors to purchasing wine are showcased in a visual and digestible card format. Users can learn about where the wine is from, food pairings, flavors, color, price, and ratings.

Wine Card2
Wine Card
Wine Card 3


Buy the right gift by applying filters

Buy the right gift by applying filters

If a user is buying for a friend or loved one, they can change the filters to adapt to their taste preferences.



Rate and recieve better suggestions

As users rate more wines, they will recieve better reconmendations as well as have a reference for which wines they have tried and enjoyed.


Attend exclusive events to build tastes and palate

Members of the app will be invited to events where they will have the opportunity to try different types of wine and meet new people. This will allow users to add more wines to their cellar tab and see their preferences adapt.

From a business perspective, companies can pay to be a featured event.



Reflect on experiences

Users will be able to see all the wines they have tried and quickly repurchase the ones that you like or share it with a friend.

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